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Important Announcement for CHAP Accredited DME Providers

Recently the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has determined that all DMEPOS suppliers who furnish any item in the ventilator policy group are required to have an R03 (Invasive Mechanical Ventilation) accreditation code and must ensure that frequent and substantial servicing is provided so that the patient has access to functioning equipment at all times. This includes suppliers who are currently accredited with an R09 (Respiratory Assist Devices) code and/or an R12 (Ventilators Accessories and/or Supplies) code, who may furnish any of the following ventilator policy group items listed below.




Heavy duty battery


Battery cables


Battery charger


Breathing circuits


Vol control vent invasiv int


Chest shell


Chest wrap


Neg press vent portabl/statn


Vol control vent noninv int


Press supp vent invasive int


Press supp vent noninv int

As required by CMS in MLN Matters SE1513 all suppliers furnishing ventilators, whether newly accredited or resurveyed, must be properly accredited with an R03 code by October 1, 2015 in order to continue furnishing ventilators and/or any products in the ventilator policy group. All suppliers of ventilators (used with invasive interfaces or non-invasive interfaces) must meet frequent and substantial servicing requirements and have an accreditation code of R03.

All providers are encouraged to review their records to determine if they currently dispense any of the items in the ventilator policy group. Should you determine you wish to add R03 to your current accreditation please follow the instructions linked here and submit your request in writing by 9/1/2015 for the addition of these products and services

CHAP has scheduled a free Q&A call on 8/6/2015 for any providers who may have any questions concerning this process. Register and submit questions now for this free event!

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