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Proposed Standards of Excellence – Crosswalk Update

We are extremely grateful for the time and efforts our customers and stakeholders have given during the public comment period for the proposed CHAP Standards of Excellence.  Thank you to all who have provided feedback to help to make the next generation of the Standards even more relevant an impactful for home and community-based care. 

Although CHAP had planned to release a crosswalk of the current version of the Standards of Excellence to the proposed standards, based on a review of the comments received to date, we are delaying the release until the most recent feedback has been incorporated.  The volume and nature of the comments will change the crosswalk considerably.  We will therefore release a modified version of a crosswalk highlighting major differences between the current and proposed standards once all feedback has been incorporated.  

We will also continue to offer a variety of tools and resources to help organizations prepare for the release of the new Standards.  As new tools and resources are available, we will include an update about each in our eNews Weekly newsletter, in our Learning Management System (LMS) and on our website.  In the interim, please direct specific questions to

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