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CHAP LinQ Updates!

This week you will notice a new look to CHAP LinQ, this simple and straightforward look is designed to make the accreditation process easier and faster for the agencies we serve. In addition to a new login page we redesigned our account settings page. The new page will allow customers to easily manage their CHAP LinQ account.

New features:

Forgot CHAP LinQ username feature and forgot e-mail address associated with CHAP LinQ account.


Administrators on the account can now add new users to the account and easily manage their account settings. This included updating contact information and passwords as well as managing, adding and removing LinQ users from their account.

Additional updates:

Organizations can now view branch locations under “View Accredited Location” in CHAP LinQ and request changes to locations.

If you have any questions reference our CHAP LinQ User Guide or reach out to your Accreditation Specialist.  

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