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Fazzi Survey Finds Accreditation and Patient Satisfaction are Linked

Last week Fazzi Associates, conducted a webinar to announce highlights from their 2016 survey titled “State of the Home Health Industry,”. Based on 751 responses from all 50 states the survey found that a majority of those agencies in the highest quartiles for patient satisfaction stars, home health compare scores and profitability are accredited. 

In addition, the survey revealed that home health agencies that do better with profitability and quality use multi-disciplinary teams, are accurate and consistent with OASIS, use technology to facilitate and document care delivery, employ full time nurses who do their own scheduling of 5-6 visits per day, use employee satisfaction surveys to ensure staff engagement and outsource part or all of their revenue model, such as coding and billing. 

Survey topics included the present and future use of IT, telehealth technologies, EHR and OASIS scrubbers, as well as best practices in operational and clinical processes.  Also covered were involvement in value-based purchasing programs, the growth of outsourcing, and what practices and technologies are most related to higher profitability and higher quality.   Where available, trends over the eight years are highlighted.

CHAP participated on the national steering committee for this study.  If you have any questions, you may contact Fazzi Associates at or call 800-379-0361.

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