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Public Policy Summit Recap

This week CHAP leadership participated in a public policy summit hosted by the Council of State Home Care Associations. The summit featured top officials from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Division of Home Health and Hospice, as well as staff from three Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs). More importantly, the summit served as an opportunity for dialogue between government officials, payers, and providers about the challenges facing the home health landscape and its future. Discussion centered around key issues which included:

  • The sustainability of the home health industry over time in the face of increasing federal regulatory administrative burden and financial constraints as illustrated in the currently proposed changes to home health prospective payment rate under the Home Health Grouper Model or HHGM ;
  • Supporting the capacity of providers’ ability to fully accommodate the growing populations they serve while simultaneously meeting the expectations put forth in new and existing regulations (e.g., new Conditions of Participation, updates to the Home Health Prospective System);
  • Combating the negative and inaccurate perception that all home health providers are guilty of Medicare fraud and abuse;
  • Timely and clear communication and information sharing from the MACs regarding review processes.

The forum concluded with a conversation on ways to get the word out and become contributors to the proposed CMS Medicare Home Health Prospective System Rate Update rule. This event is one of many ways CHAP is involved with the discussion around the future of home health. We want your voice to be heard too. Opportunities for engagement might include contacting your state representatives and commenting on the proposed rule with general comments, questions, or concerns. For more information, Click here to better understand the CMS rule.

Comments are accepted through September 25th, 2017.