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The Question of TB Testing

The CHAP Standards of Excellence outline various Human Resource (HR) requirements which must be met in order for providers to be in compliance. One of the most frequently cited deficiencies in 2017 is Tuberculosis or TB testing. Agencies fail to complete the new hire and annual TB testing as required in CHAP Standards CI.5 and CII.7.

CHAP Standards require agency policy to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations and be in compliance. To assist you with policy development and compliance, CHAP developed a grid based on the CDC recommendations: 

As we enter the fourth quarter of the year, CHAP reminds agencies that they must perform and document the following annual training requirements in order to be compliant with the CHAP Standards:

  • Annual in-services:
  1. TB Exposure
  2. Blood Borne Pathogens
  3. Safe Medical Device Act (MDA)
  4. Infection Control
  5. Any local or state in-services required for clinical staff

In addition, it is expected that the following are up-to-date and have associated documentation:

  • Applicable business/service licenses
  • Professional staff licenses
  • CLIA waiver (as applicable)
  • Confidentiality statements
  • Conflict of Interest Statements
  • Paraprofessional in-service education requirements

 Click here to access the guidance on CDC recommendation for TB testing.


Effective January 13, 2018, Medicare Certified Home Health will be expected to follow the new CHAP Key Performance Area (KPA) IPC.1 for screening at risk personnel as defined by the CDC for TB.

Director of Accreditation Jacqueline King, MBA, MHA