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October- Top 3 Questions for your Accreditation Specialist

1. Can I have a self-study extension due date?

    1. You may request a self-study extension due date if, you are more than 60 days out from your accreditation expiration date or (If deemed) last comprehensive visit date.

 2. If my business is undergoing a stock transfer or acquisition how do I ensure the accreditation stays intact for the new owner?

    1. You will need to complete the change of ownership process which includes submitting legal documentation for verification, in addition to a demographic change request to update the account information, to reflect what the new owner projects for the business going forward. Please contact your accreditation specialist and inquire about the CHOW forms to get this process started.

3. Who are my account representatives?

    1. Your account representatives consist of two assigned CHAP employees that will help you maintain your accreditation account as well as aid you in preparing for and completing your comprehensive survey.
  1. Accreditation specialist: assists with maintaining your account information and documentation associated with your accreditation determination.
  2. Director of accreditation: assists with comprehending rules, regulations, and guidelines imposed by your state and the Medicare program. They will also oversee the actions taken and results reported by the site visitor in regards to your survey.
    1. You can locate your account representatives’ contact information by logging into your chapLinQ account and clicking on the “Need Help” icon listed in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.