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Voice Your Support of CHAP’s Role in Federal Home Health Certification.

Just like agencies, we review each day, CHAP just underwent review by 4 CMS staff for 3 days as part of our renewal of recognition as an AO for home health agencies that wish to participate in the Medicare/Medicaid program.  Site visitor records were reviewed, as well as site visitor’s findings and CHAP’s decisions about an agency’s survey results meeting the home health Conditions of Participation (CoPs); what many call “deemed status” - CHAP’s survey substitutes for the state survey of federal regulation compliance.

On Oct 20 CMS published in the Federal Register, a notice advising that CHAP’s application is complete and offering a 30-day public comment period. The statement asks for comments on whether CHAP’s requirements meet or exceed Medicare’s current CoPs.

The following are among the points evaluated by CMS and can be addressed in public comments:

1.            The composition of the survey team, site reviewer qualifications;

2.            The comparability of CHAP’s processes to those of state agencies;

3.            Processes and procedures for monitoring HHAs found out of compliance;

4.            CHAP’s capability to report deficiencies to HHAs and timely response to plans of correction;

5.            Assurance that CHAP’s surveys are unannounced.

Voluntary accreditation, or the review by peers accompanied by teaching and consultation to improve care and related processes, is a tradition in this nation for over 100 years.  We ask your stated support of continuing the recognition of accrediting organizations like CHAP in the review of compliance with federal regulations.

The comments are due November 20, 2017, and can be easily submitted electronically at by following the ‘‘Submit a Comment’’ instructions.

Thank you for being our partner in quality care.
Barbara McCann- CHAP Interim President and CEO 

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