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Going Above and Beyond

Exceeding requirements is what CHAP does –and so does this CHAP accredited agency

American River Home Care (ARHC) is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care to homebound individuals. Their goal is to restore the health of patients while preventing future hospitalizations. Built on a solid foundation of quality professionals, they focus on delivering compassionate and quality care. Phillip McMillian, CEO of American River Home Care in Sacramento, CA, loves what he does. When asked why he started a home health care business, McMillian responded, “I am a grateful individual and I want to make a difference in this world”. ARHC has been in business since 2015 and chose to become CHAP accredited the same year. 

Since then, McMillian has gone beyond providing home health care to his community and has participated in a pilot project on sepsis diagnosis. He is now participating in another program for chronic airway management program (CAMP).

The pilot program, through Mercy General Hospital of Sacramento, is part of the larger Dignity Healthcare System of Northern California. The program which began October 2017 has no set end date. McMillian, “We are tracking each of these patients and will see what our readmission rate is once we have enough data. We have treated 23 patients so far and currently have 15 on services with this primary diagnosis.” The previous sepsis diagnosis program ran from 2015-2016.

After leaving Mercy General Hospital, patients in the pilot are able to choose which home care agency they want to continue receiving care.  “We are grateful to be the preferred agency for sepsis patients that are discharged from the facility” stated McMillian. Maria Lucinda, Director of Clinical Services, stated, “the best part about my job is seeing the patients realize the steps they can take to improve their quality of life.”

After recently attending the CHAPs Accreditation Intensive workshops, McMillian came to understand the new Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoPs) and 2018 CHAP Standards of Excellence in depth which influenced his decision to join the project on CAMP.

McMillian understands the value of constant improvement and recommends accreditation as he has seen firsthand how it sets his organization apart and highlights their commitment to quality standards. CHAP is proud to partner with ARHC and similar organizations that go above and beyond what is required for patient care. These organizations exemplify their commitment to quality and patient care. We would love to hear your story.

Are you a CHAP accredited agency? What programs are you involved in that set you apart and showcase your standards of excellence? Your partner in quality care would love to hear from you. Contact CHAP to feature your story.