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Home Health Faces Cuts with Diminished Rural Add-On

Congressional efforts are currently underway to create last minute legislation that would be included in a package of Medicare extenders. This Medicare extender package would include some form of home health rural add-on.

There are indications that the package proposes significant cuts in future home health payment rates and a narrowly defined rural add-on that would diminish the amount of the add-on over time. The cuts to home health could be as high as $3 - 6 billion dollars, and go well beyond what is needed to fund a full, 5-year extension of the rural add-on. Full funding of a 5-year extension of the rural add-on costs $600 million. The extra dollars being cut would go toward funding other, non-home care extenders. Some type of home health groupings model payment reform may also be added.  

You can take action
We encourage you to contact your elected officials by calling their office today and requesting that these cuts not be included in the Medicare Extenders Package.

Locate your congressional representatives here by entering your voting zip code or call their Washington DC office.