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CMS Reminder: Actions to Take If You Own a Home Health Subunit

Under the Conditions of Participation (CoPs) effective January 13, 2018, an HHA office may no longer be designated as a Subunit. The owner of the office must decide to convert the subunit to a freestanding HHA retaining the CCN, or change its designation to be a Branch of the Parent agency, or terminate its participation in Medicare.

If the owner of the subunit wants it to become a distinct home health agency, a revised CMS 855A must be submitted to the MAC changing the Provider Type (Section 2 of the CMS 855A) from “Home Health Agency (Subunit) to Home Health Agency. If the owner wants the subunit to become a branch of the “Parent”, a revised Form CMS 1572a is completed.  Also, please remember to advise CHAP of your decision.    

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