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Social Media for Seniors- Let’s Help Them Get Online

Survey after survey reflects more senior Americans, including those in the most elderly groups, are participating in social media. With that said, their numbers still lag behind other age groups.

Seniors are jumping on board Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more as they realize it is fun and provides real benefits. Being active on social media platforms is beneficial especially for those living on their own.                   

  • Social Media Keeps Families Close “I wish I heard more often from my children/grandchildren” is a common phrase by seniors. Social platforms have made it easier for seniors to link with their loved ones and remove feelings of isolation.
  • Family Social Photo and Video Sharing- With the overwhelming majority of photographs now, digital sharing of memories is easier than ever through social media. Seniors can now go online and see pictures taken just moments before by their grandchildren, creating a feeling of closeness that was never possible with mailed photos.
  • Online Coupons & Other Discounts- Social media provides access to many opportunities to save money, whether they’re seeking discount offerings by companies on their social sites or websites.
  • Family Peace of Mind- Seniors and their families often live far apart which can lead to anxiety on both sides, particularly when the elder family members are living on their own. Social media provides seniors and their family caregivers a convenient way to check in, creating peace of mind on both ends.
  • Community Engagement and Belonging- The importance of socializing as part of a community cannot be overstated, particularly for seniors spending much of their time living isolated at home. It can be critical for those unable to get out of the house to be with others.

Social media provides the opportunity to have a friend, to connect, without leaving the comfort of your house, to never be alone, even when you are the only one in the house.