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Flu Season Is Upon Us

Influenza activity is widespread all over the United States with flu season spanning November through to March of any given year.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2017-2018 is the first year, since flu monitoring began 13 years ago, in which every part of the continental U.S. has seen widespread flu activity. The overall hospitalization rate is high and the CDC continues to recommend influenza vaccination for all people six (6) months and older. Flu activity affects all age groups with young children and the elderly being the most vulnerable. Since the spike in the flu season, many healthcare facilities including hospitals and nursing homes, have instituted visitation restrictions to try and limit potential exposure and infection.

CDC continues to promote flu vaccination throughout the season the importance of antiviral medications for treatment of influenza in people who are severely ill and immunocompromised.

To view, the complete CDC report and findings click here.