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New California Law Exempts CHAP-accredited HME Providers from Annual State Inspections

Starting in January 2018, CHAP-accredited Home Medical Equipment (HME) providers in California are exempt from annual CA Department of Health inspections.  Previously, the California Department of Health (DOH) was required to conduct an initial licensure survey and annual inspections of HME providers in the state. 

In September 2017, California Assembly Bill 1387 was signed into law by California Governor Brown and amends the California Health and Safety Code to modify the requirement for the California Department of Health to conduct annual inspections of a licensed home medical device retail facility if it the facility is accredited by a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)-approved accrediting organization (AO).  As a CMS-approved national HME accreditation organization for all HME provider types and all DMEPOS product codes and services, CHAP-accredited HME customers are now exempt from the annual inspections, effective January 2018.

While the new law provides CHAP-accredited HME providers exemption from annual state inspection requirements, the law authorizes the department to continue to conduct an inspection when a complaint is made to the department regarding the licensee.  The state will also continue to require an initial licensure survey from the CA DOH.  For a non-accredited licensee, the law continues to require the department to conduct annual inspections.

For more information about the changes from the California Department of Health, please visit one of the following links:

Current CHAP HME customers should contact Jackie King, CHAP Director of Accreditation, via email at or via telephone at 202.862.3413, with any questions related to their accreditation or the new California requirements for HME providers in the state.

For non-accredited organizations seeking more information about CHAP HME accreditation, please contact a member of our Business Development Team via email at or via telephone at 202.862.3413.

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