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New Law in Colorado Requiring Accreditation and Licensure for DME Providers Now In Effect

In May, CHAP highlighted a new law in Colorado that requires all durable medical equipment (DME) providers in the state to be both licensed and accredited. Below are important definitions and text found in the law that DME providers in the state should be aware of:

  1.  … “durable medical equipment supplier” means a person or entity that delivers disposable medical supplies or durable medical equipment products directly to a recipient and that currently bills or plans to bill the Medicare program for services or products in the current calendar year.“Durable medical equipment supplier” does not include a supplier of insulin infusion pumps and related supplies or services.
  2. In order to do business in Colorado, a durable medical equipment supplier must be licensed by the Secretary of State.
  3. An applicant for a durable medical equipment supplier license must:
    1. Complete the license application as directed by the Secretary of State;
    2. Submit to the Secretary of State a notarized affidavit attesting that:
      1. The applicant has one or more physical locations within the state or within fifty miles of the border of the state;
      2. The applicant has sufficient inventory and staff to service or repair products; and
      3. The applicant is accredited by an accrediting organization recognized and accepted by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services;
    3. Provide to the Secretary of State a street address and a local business telephone number; and
    4. Pay an annual fee established by the Secretary of State, not to exceed five hundred dollars.
    5. The durable medical equipment supplier licensee shall prominently display the license at each of its physical business locations. The license may be duplicated for this purpose.  

If you should have questions regarding the new law, CHAP encourages providers to visit the state’s website. For information about CHAP accreditation for DME providers, click here.  

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