Stay up to date on the Standards of Excellence review process

Standards Revision Project

With support from the CHAP Board of Directors, CHAP staff and a team of industry experts from around the country have dedicated themselves to a complete revision of the current Standards of Excellence. This section will house updates and announcements on the status of the standards revision, so we encourage you to check back regularly. 

An Update From Our President & CEO

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Over the past year, CHAP staff and a team of industry experts from around the country have dedicated themselves to the most significant revision to date of the CHAP Standards of Excellence.  Rather than simply updating the current service-specific standards, we are working to develop a set of new standards that will be relevant across all service lines and applicable throughout the continuum of care.

After a rigorous assessment of CHAP’s current standards, we identified areas that were missing or needed improvement when compared to national quality improvement initiatives. In doing so, we identified opportunities to streamline content, eliminate redundancy and enhance clarity.

The goal of the revision process is to develop a comprehensive set of home and community-based standards that promote strong performance and assist agencies in navigating the current and future state of home and community-based care. We envision a set of standards that:

  • Are comprehensive and cover all aspects important to promoting high-quality home and community-based health care;
  • Ensure transparency and  clarity for all requirements;
  • Promote consistency and reliability in the measurement and application of the standards; and
  • Eliminate redundancies.

The standards revision process was authorized by the CHAP Board of Directors in 2013 and is being overseen and guided by the Standards Quality Board (SQB), a group of nationally recognized industry experts representing key stakeholders.  The SQB is responsible for reviewing and approving all standards changes and ensuring consistency and avoiding redundancy.

When we last checked in, we had completed the assessment phase of the revision process, which included reviewing our current standards and assessing industry trends, evidence-informed research and data-driven analysis. Since then, we have been working with the SQB and its various subcommittees to draft the standards themselves and accompanying guidance to assist with implementing them.

The new standards will go through several periods of review, testing and public comment later this year before we begin the official rollout in 2016. Throughout the remainder of 2015, we will seek stakeholder and customer feedback on the proposed standards and conduct field testing with a cross section of CHAP-accredited providers. This will include an analysis of the potential impact and burden and making revisions if necessary.

The input and feedback we receive from existing customers during this process will be integral to producing a set of standards that are relevant, flexible and adaptable to evolving delivery models.

We are excited about the new format and content of the standards and hope you will be too.  Rest assured that all CHAP customers will have plenty of time to prepare for the implementation of the new standards before being expected to comply with them.   I encourage you to keep an eye out for our eNews Weekly check back here for regular updates.

If you’re considering accreditation, there’s never been a better time to choose CHAP.  If you’re an existing customer, we’re glad to be your partner.