Learn how to take the first step in CHAP's accreditation process.

How to Apply

Your application is the first step in our accreditation process. The entire process is easy to navigate with the help of CHAP LinQ.

Before you begin your application, be sure you qualify for accreditation:

  • You may need to have the applicable service licenses, as required by your state.
  • You must have an employer ID number (EIN).
  • You must have a National Provider Number (NPI).
  • You should offer services that CHAP accredits: home health, hospice, home medical equipment, private duty, pharmacy, infusion therapy nursing and public health.
  • If your organization provides services under an emerging model of health care that doesn't exactly match those listed above, give us a call or send us an email to learn more about how we may be able to help.

Accreditation Process

Learn more about what you’ll need to do to apply. We’ve spelled out the entire process so it’s easy to know where to start and how to get to the finish line.

What Are the Costs?

Costs for accreditation vary depending on the type of services you provide and the number of locations where you provide them. CHAP accreditation for all services is valid for a three-year period. Costs are billed in two interest-free installments.


CHAP’s online accreditation and learning tool has everything you need to start your path to accreditation.

Site Visit Readiness

CHAP works hard to keep customers informed of what will be happening and when in the accreditation process. Find out if you have all of the boxes ticked for your site visit.


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