Thursday, 30 October, 2014

CHAP LinQ Turns One!

One year ago, CHAP launched CHAP LinQ – Linking Innovation and Quality, a new primary software solution for all accreditation processes, from the initial application and documentation of the self-study to developing plans of correction and reporting of accreditation decisions. LinQ was created to enhance efficiency through automating processes that had previously been manual, and to promote transparency by providing customers with real time access to all of their accreditation data.

When it launched on October 2013, CHAP LinQ offered a host of new features to help guide organizations through the accreditation process.

  • Improved accreditation application process to make it easier to add or change sites and services, and request demographic or contact information changes.
  • Workflow driven processes that provide reminders when the next step in the accreditation process is due.
  • Contracting tools to improve turnaround time for contracts and addenda.
  • An improved self-study design for renewing organizations that focuses on updated information that has changed since your last self-study.
  • Alerts and journal functionality to improve communications with your internal team, as well as your CHAP Customer Relations Representative and Regional Director of Professional Services.
  • An improved plan of correction toolset, directly integrated into CHAP LinQ, providing a comprehensive view of plan of correction as well as focused view of individual plans of correction for each finding

Since its launch, CHAP LinQ has been periodically updated with new features and improvements, utilizing technological innovation to make the accreditation experience a faster and better process for our customers. Some of these updates have included:

  • More robust User Management for organization administrators and CHAP system administrations, to better manage LinQ users.
  • Enhanced and automated reporting capability for accreditation findings and outcomes
  • Improved ability to add, modify and remove sites from an application during the “apply for accreditation” phase and on renewals and addendums.
  • A link to My CHAP Representatives, making it easier for customers to know who to contact when they need assistance.
  • A link to My CHAP Representatives, making it easier for customers to know who to contact when they need assistance.

This important milestone could not have been achieved without the helpful feedback from our customers. It is that feedback that keeps us working to make CHAP LinQ and the accreditation process a valuable tool for organizations to ensure continual improvement and the best care possible for their patients. 

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