CHAP helps providers focus on population-based public health in a community setting. 

Public Health

Public health providers focus on population-based public health in a community setting. They are part of an interdisciplinary team that specializes in wellness. 

Standards for these providers are based on Essential Public Health Services as defined in Public Health In America (Healthy People 2010). The standards are applicable to organizations providing services in a variety of community-based settings including local, municipal, regional, state and tribal.  

Through our accreditation process, CHAP helps these providers understand and meet those standards.  

Our combined focus on public health and CHAP Core Standards ensures that providers in this field will be compliant with all local, state, federal and industry regulatory requirements, paving the way for better care and better business performance.  

Who should apply for accreditation?

Any licensed public health provider that provides care directly to patients. Licensing requirements vary by state. If you’re unsure about your state’s licensing requirements, check here before applying for accreditation.  

What are the costs?

Costs for accreditation in public health vary depending on the type of services you provide and the number of locations where you provide them. All CHAP accreditations are valid for a three-year cycle. Costs are billed in two interest-free installments.

How do I apply for accreditation?

There are only seven steps for CHAP accreditation, from the initial application to full accreditation. Get started now in CHAP LinQ

Where do I go for help?

If you need support as you fill out your application, check our frequently asked questions about the accreditation process or send us an email — we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.