CHAP is your partner in the accreditation process every step of the way

CHAP Accreditation

Because accreditation is a process, not an event, CHAP is invested in how our customers work and serve their communities.

Who we serve

We accredit a range of home and community-based health services:

And, we work with all types of home and community-based provider organizations, including:

  • Owner-operated
  • Public agency
  • Single or multi-locations
  • Single or multi-service
  • Franchises — hospital- or health plan-based

Standards that make the difference

We built our Standards of Excellence with our customers in mind.

We offer CORE Standards of Excellence paired with Service-Specific Standards of Excellence for a customized approach to accreditation. Together, they take into account your organization, management, quality, client outcomes, resources and long-term viability.

They build a solid foundation from which your business can grow, and help you prepare for the future.

CORE Standards of Excellence

Our CORE standards reflect a broad overview of requirements that are fundamental to the sound operation of any home and community-based health care organization. Our CORE Standards of Excellence address the scope and complexity of community-based health care providers.

Service-Specific Standards of Excellence

The Service-Specific standards are broadly structured and nationally recognized. They are tailored to fit your specific business model to help you improve in the most efficient way. For example, for more complex or multi-service line organizations, the Service-Specific Standards of Excellence will help you facilitate detailed planning and oversight at the service-line level.

A partner in education

Our accreditation gives you access to educational offerings that help you further understand and implement the Standards of Excellence and their underlying requirements.

The Self Study and Site Visit portions of the accreditation process help you to engage your organization and staff in continuous performance improvement. We offer a Plan of Correction and focus visits to help get your organization up to speed if needed.

Our industry experts partner with you to help you identify and apply what you need to make your organization better.

A remarkably faster and better accreditation process

Our seven-step accreditation process is simple, straightforward and better than it’s ever been before.

Our online application portal — CHAP LinQ — offers the convenience and quickness you need. That way, you spend less time working on accreditation and more time doing what you do best: serving your community’s health needs.

Our combination of online tools and personalized assistance ensures you meet each step confidently. You’ll feel informed and prepared for what comes next.

If you need assistance anytime throughout the accreditation process, we’re just a phone call or click away.

The option for CMS “deemed” status

Through “deeming authority” granted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), we also have the regulatory authority to survey agencies providing home health, hospice and home medical equipment to determine if they meet the Medicare Conditions of Participation and CMS Quality Standards.

Medicare-certified home health organizations accredited with deemed status are surveyed by CHAP in lieu of state agency surveys. This means fewer surveys and possible protection from CMS intermediate sanctions.