Partnering with CHAP for your accreditation means you are partnering with people who care.

Top 10 Reasons to Pursue CHAP Accreditation

Why align your accreditation strategy with CHAP? Because: 

1. We work for better, safer, person-centered care. 

The CHAP accreditation seal of approval ensures that an organization has met — or exceeded — the highest standards of quality of care. Patients and families immediately know that they can trust the care that is behind it.

2. We’re recognized by most payers.

Payers, health plans, health systems and insurance companies have confidence in our accreditation, which means your organization gets reimbursed smoothly and quickly — a boon for your revenue stream.

3. We prioritize compliance and quality.

As state and federal regulations change, our accreditation gives you a framework for updating practices, policies and procedures so that there is never a misstep.

4. We exceed the minimum standard.

A partnership with CHAP reflects your commitment to quality, because our standards go above and beyond the minimum requirements for accreditation.

5. We’re looking out for you.

Our objective, non-biased, third-party review is conducted by industry experts. They educate and inspire you to grow and improve.

6. We facilitate better business performance.

Our standards help you focus your priorities, overcome operational challenges, and advance leadership and governance.

7. We supply a foundation for continuous improvement.

We’re dedicated to helping you and your staff identify and reach targeted outcomes for the care and services you provide. CHAP is constantly surveying the health care landscape to identify what’s next, so your organization can stay ahead of the competition.

8. We are an industry leader.

In business for 50 years, CHAP is the oldest home and community-based accreditation program, with the most experience of any other accrediting organization. We are also the only organization that uses standards by and for community-based care providers.

9. We’re cost-effective.

CHAP accreditation is generally more affordable than other accrediting organizations, and the cost of accreditation is payable in interest-free annual payments.

10. Simply put, CHAP cares.

Our people have often served in the same roles you do, and they know what it takes to run a community-based health care business. We are truly vested in helping you succeed.